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Qui Nguyen Wins World Series of Poker in 2016

With an $8 million first place prize at stake, Vietnamese-American poker player Qui Nguyen showed his poker chops by leading the way on the final day of the WSOP championships. Nguyen prevailed over Gordon Vayo and Cliff Josephy, who finished second and third respectively, in order to claim his first WSOP title. The day had started with Cliff Josephy as the favorite, as he doubled his winnings during the first couple of hands. However, Josephy suffered a streak of bad luck, losing over 90 percent of his chips in the coming four hands. He did make a spirited comeback, but could only manage a third place finish before he exited the tournament.

The final round of action took place between Nguyen and Gordon Vayo, and they went at each other for many hours, before Nguyen saw out the game and left Vayo with no chips on the table. In truth, Nguyen had always been in control on the final day. His chip count of nearly 200 million was more than double Vayo’s, who had roughly 90 million. Cliff Josephy had entered the final day with a chip count of 50 million. There were a few moments where it looked like Josephy could make it a two horse race, but his risky strategy backfired on him after a few rounds.

Gordon Vayo put in a stirring performance on the final day, but he was always up against it, given Nguyen’s massive chip lead. He was able to get a few notable wins over Nguyen, but his margins were never enough to unsettle the eventual champion. Born in Vietnam and a resident of Las Vegas, Nguyen has been a passionate lover of poker and gambling ever since he was young. He has now achieved his lifelong dream of winning the World Series of Poker.

Nguyen was delighted during his post-game interview on ESPN, and he even promised to donate a part of his winnings. His chosen charity is the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that tasks itself with helping wounded veterans and their loved ones. Despite the fierce competition on the final day, the mood between the players never ventured away from being cordial, and the fans certainly enjoyed how the action unfolded. With plenty more tournaments to come in the next few months, Josephy and Vayo will be hoping they can take the next step and emerge with a first placed finish in one of those events.